avatar_1512783228631I have always been a creative person.  As far back as I can remember, I was drawing, painting, writing, reading, dancing.  Curious about life, people, and places, I read most of the set of Encyclopedias that my parents purchased from a door-to-door salesman.  My mother said that I often perplexed her, as I would tell her about future happenings before they occurred.  My grandmother called me an “old soul.”  When I was in middle school, I became curiously intrigued by why people behaved the way they do.  It wasn’t enough to draw and paint people, I wanted to know what made us “us.”


My mother wanted me to go to art school.  I chose to learn about human behavior, instead.  So, I earned my degree in Psychology, did research in neuropsychobiology, was accepted into the PhD. program of Psychology, changed my mind and headed into the Master’s Counseling program.  I completed over half of the program when I chose stop because my full-time career as a social worker was satisfying.  And, there I stayed as a social worker and supervisor for years.  I continued to be a creative, painting, drawing, crafting, just not professionally.  I stopped working full-time in 2016 and began pursuing a journey of creative discovery.


Life fascinates me.  It intrigues me.  I am awestruck by the little things that I seemed to have missed when I was busy all the years prior.  As a child, I believe I saw those little things; they inspired me to create, to inquire, to want to know more, see more, live more authentically.  Children live for the moment and in the moment.  Before they learn how to tell time, all time is now.   That is where I am today.  Here, Now.


I am a creative.  I paint.  I write.  I ponder human behavior.  I offer what I have learned through my years to others, with hope that it might benefit or inspire.  I offer my artworks, with hope that they may visually or emotionally delight or inspire.  There is no one style to my artwork, as I love change.  And, as I change, so does my artwork.  My voice is too strong to be lulled by one style.


I would love to hear from you!  Your thoughts, feedback, ideas, questions.  You can contact me through the contact page or email info@anngees.com.


Curious about my latest creative workings?  Come see me on Instagram at @anngees.art.