Hello and welcome.  I am Ann Gees, a mindful artist who aspires to inspire others to Live Life Now.


Here you will find my visual artworks: watercolor, acrylic, and mixed-media abstract paintings, along with my written creative works.  Color is my expression of joy and wonderment in life, with vibrant blues, purples, and pinks combined with light and/or dark neutrals and pastels, my color choices often speak of a duality of inner being.  My style is ever-changing as I experiment with different concepts and ideas.  My “Musings” are collections of short essays that seek to inspire.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest of human potential.  I strive to be ever present and mindful of this beautiful world.


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“Joyous” by Ann Gees


Discovering one’s self is a life-long journey.  I share with you some insights that I have gleaned along my way and the thoughts I am gathering for the journey ahead.  My hope is that you might find something useful.


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Who Are You?

      I remember clearly one of the first psychology classes I took in college.  The professor, as they often do, told us that each one of us would stand up and introduce ourselves to the class, with exception:  you could not describe yourself with any classification of what you do.  Rather, you had … Continue reading Who Are You?

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“Joyous”  Acrylic on paper, 11 x 14



denim and pearls
Denim and Pearls, prints (original sold)



Peonies in Blue, prints



purple and pink 8 x 10 print
Floral Garden, watercolor with pen and ink, original 9 x 12


I am in process of updating all of my artworks onto this new site.  You may see all of my current works on Instagram @anngees.art 













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